the roadmap

Our plan to revolutionize giving

phase 1

Donation options and campaign pages

Offer tax deductions for one-off cryptocurrency and monthly fiat donations in the US
Create landing page, organization page, and project page
Track fundraising efforts through milestone-based goals and metrics
Offer verification to ensure transparency
phase 2

Donor engagement tools

Set up user profiles
Integrate social sharing and automated affiliate link tracking for peer-to-peer fundraising
Implement Gaia Points automation to track fundraising progress and donations
phase 3

Additional support options and credit partnerships

Offer raffles and experiences as additional incentive models
First use case projects for partnership with Open Forest Protocol and plastic credits through Plastiks
Offer corporate social responsibility (CSR) match funding to further support the campaigns
phase 4

Raffle campaign launch & scaling

Hold first raffle experiences and launch campaign
Scale campaigns with the help of Gaia Ambassadors and influencers
Recurring cryptocurrency donations
phase 5

NFTs, DAO, and CSR program

Genesis NFT to mint and sell
Establish a Brain-Trust DAO that is gated with NFTs
Work on building out a CSR program to further the organization’s impact
Release lite paper
phase 6

Impact reporting and verification, partnership expansion

Ensure accurate impact reporting and verification using pictures with metadata (geolocation and time stamp)
Streamline impact reporting process
Expand partnerships with organizations that offer credits to increase the impact of donations
phase 7

Token launch and NFT staking

Launch a token through a fair launch reverse Dutch Auction
Enable staking of Genesis NFTs
phase 8

DAO governance and liquidity protocol

Establish a DAO governance system to guide the organization’s decision-making
Develop a circular economic liquidity protocol for project financing
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