how gaia gives works

How it works


Choose from remarkable vetted impact projects

Our expanding catalog is intentionally curated to highlight impact projects with less conventional approaches building a better future.


Donate in cash or crypto

Give like it’s 2023!  Be it through Paypal, Visa, or Metamask. You will earn Gaia Points for every donation. We take no fees so 100% of your money goes to the project.


See your donations at work on our Impact Feed
(coming soon)

See your impact in real time with insider updates connected to tangible and transparent milestones.


Share with your friends to earn

Supporting impact can mean more than giving. Raise awareness with your magic link and earn 1 point for every dollar raised.


Use Gaia Points for raffles, merch, and more

Every Gaia Point automatically earns you another entry into our monthly raffle, and can later be used on our Impact Marketplace launching this Summer.

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how gaia gives works

Frequently Asked Questions

general questions
No fees? But how is Gaia Gives funded?
I'm an NGO / Impact Project, how can I join Gaia Gives?
What is the project curation process like? Who qualifies?
Is my donation tax deductible?
Should I donate in crypto or cash?
How does donating crypto work?
What about the environmental impact of cryptocurrency?
How does my money get where it needs to be?
gaia points
How do I earn Gaia Points?
What can I do with Gaia Points?
Can I recieve both tax deductions and Gaia Points?
How do I enter the raffle?
Do donations help pay for these prizes?
When can I exchange Gaia Points for cool swag and other items?

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