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Our values

We want to keep it real. We want to do the work.

And in order to keep it real and embody the change we want to see in the world, we have to begin by holding ourselves accountable.

We must keep asking ourselves: what structures can we challenge within our internal ecosystem to show up as better agents of change?

The backbone of the Gaia Gives vision is built entirely on transparency, integrity, and trust.

1. We lead through love instead of fear

With the overwhelming amount of doom and gloom in the media, it is very human for feelings of loss or despair to arise. We don’t allow this to cripple us.

We don’t use fear tactics, skepticism or manipulation to push forth an agenda. Instead, we alchemize those feelings into urgency, motivation and action to plant seeds of change and focus on the improvement we can bring as a collective.

We act from a place of love for the planet and our people, supporting some of the most innovative regenerative projects out there.

2. Ego is not our amigo

We are not here to “save”, we are just here to serve as a catalyst of empowerment and systemic change.

We transcend the tone-deaf idea of giving “voice to the voiceless”. There is no such thing. Everyone has a story and should have a seat at the table, but unfortunately, systematic oppression has disempowered and disenfranchised some of the most powerful wisdom out there and marginalized diverse communities.

We serve as a platform to amplify voices and remember together.

3. Growth & transparency over perfection

Walking the talk goes beyond celebrating wins and being clear with our goals, milestones and vision. It means also being radically honest and humble, even when things don’t go exactly how we want them to.

We are committed to growth and improvement.

Let's normalize being open about setbacks and challenges, they are vessels for improvement…it’s about how we get back up and overcome them.

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the roadmap

Our greatest milestones

phase 1

Donation options and campaign pages

Offer tax deductions for one-off cryptocurrency and recurring fiat donations
Create landing page, organization page, and project page
Track fundraising efforts through milestone-based goals and metrics
Offer verification to ensure transparency
phase 2

Donor engagement tools

Set up user profiles
Integrate social sharing and automated affiliate link tracking for peer-to-peer fundraising
Implement Gaia Points automation to track fundraising progress and donations
phase 3

Additional support options and credit partnerships

Offer raffles and experiences as additional support options
Partner with organizations that offer carbon credits through the Open Forest protocol and plastic credits through Plastiks
Offer corporate social responsibility (CSR) match funding to encourage businesses to support the campaign
phase 4

Campaign launch and scaling

Hold first raffle experiences and launch campaign
Scale campaigns with the help of Gaia Ambassadors and influencers
Recurring cryptocurrency donations
phase 5

NFTs, DAO, and CSR program

Genesis NFT to mint and sell
Establish a Brain-Trust DAO that is gated with NFTs
Work on building out a CSR program to further the organization’s impact
Release a lite paper outlining the details and goals of the campaign
phase 6

Impact reporting and verification, partnership expansion

Ensure accurate impact reporting and verification using pictures with metadata (geolocation and time stamp)
Streamline impact reporting process
Expand partnerships with organizations that offer credits to increase the impact of donations
phase 7

Token launch and NFT staking

Launch a token through a cooperatively-owned, fair launch reverse Dutch auction
Allow staking of Genesis NFTs
phase 8

DAO governance and liquidity protocol

Establish a DAO governance system to guide the organization’s decision-making
Develop a circular economic liquidity protocol for project financing

Meet the team

Maxim Goeschen
Maxim is a social entrepreneur with a vast experience in fundraising for Amnesty International and Unicef. With experience building social network platforms in the creative space through Collaborative Arts Network and running an agency and accelerator, taking start-ups from 0 to 1.
Matt Gillespie
Matt is an industrial designer turned permaculturalist and green energy entrepreneur as a founding member of GoSun Inc. As a true jack of all trades, Matt works at the intersection of product design and marketing in an attempt to create regenerative structures that can scale.
Sharon Kleiman
Shary is a multimedia storyteller, artist, event producer, and entrepreneur passionate about building a regenerative future. Her journalistic experiences have led her to craft impactful narratives that amplify powerful messages in ways that are compelling, accessible, and digestible. As the CEO of a retreat and event company, she creates environmentally-conscious immersive experiences that unlock human potential, and celebrate creativity and innovation.
Andre Refay
Andre is an entrepreneur, investor, and IT expert with 20+ years of technical experience building solutions that scale. He has led four successful exits and is passionate about working in communities of change-makers, helping impact-driven businesses reach their maximum potential
Arko Hoondert
Global Impact Director
Arko is a social entrepreneur, investor, co-founder and product manager. He successfully founded and sold an international fundraising consultancy, and led the fundraising & partnerships department of the the largest NGO of the Netherlands. As a fundraising professional, he, his company, and his teams have worked on projects raising well over €250 million for social good over the last 10 years.
Lila Behr
Lila is a social entrepreneur  passionate about environmental psychology and how to scale impact, head of strategic partnerships and host of the Gaia Solutions Podcast. She has been aquiring and onboarding projects, developing our Gaia Ambassador program and bringing on new strategic partnerships with Donors and Events.  
Guilherme Maueler
Creative Director
Guil is a creative entrepreneur and multidisciplinary designer who specializes in art direction, branding, and video content production. For the past 15 years he has helped organizations create transformative products & services through the power of storytelling. He's a member and co-creator of a few Web3 communities, where he investigates decentralized systems and the role design can play in shaping a more inclusive, diverse, distributed and democratic future.
Danielle Bellavita
+30 Years in Tech, Community and Governance Steward at Giveth.io, Published Author
Ronny Castillo
+15 yrs in Capital Markets as Trader and Fund Manager. Founder Madre Tierra Verde Foundation, 10+ years project management.
Rahim Mawani
Visionary Artist. Community manager at Solana Foundation. Strategist at Decaf.

Our advisors

Tammy Scarlett
Social Impact Advisor
Leader and strategist, recognized for her work as the Executive Director of UNIFY
Danielle Bellavita
Community Advisor
+30 Years in Tech, Community and Governance Steward at Giveth.io, Published Author
Ronny Castillo
Financial Advisor
+15 yrs in Capital Markets as Trader and Fund Manager. Founder Madre Tierra Verde Foundation, 10+ years project management.
James Farrell
Token Advisor
Founder and CTO at Toucan Protocol
Tony Suber
Social Impact Advisor
Executive Chairman of SDG Impact Fund, Philanthropist, Impact Investment
Bryan Doreian
Social Impact Advisor
Chief Development Magus, SDG Impact Fund, Founder Wysebridge, Elev3n, Vendible

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