We connect donors to their impact

Supporting the change we want to see means more than just donating. Join a global community of changemakers and see your impact in real time.

Better giving for a better future

Radical transparency

Know exactly where your funds are going and track each project’s progress with tangible milestones and updates.

Get rewarded for your support

We believe reciprocity is key to regenerative systemic change. Earn Gaia Points for every donation and dollar raised.

Donate cash or crypto for tax deductions

Support a regenerative future with whatever you have in your wallet and receive the full US tax benefits via SDG Impact Fund

radical transparency

Don't let NGOs ghost you

That unnerving feeling of giving and being left in the dark…Too real. Donating should feel like a healthy relationship, not a one way street.

Our milestone-based fundraising helps NGOs keep donors in the loop as community members, not money bags.

get rewarded

Give more than money, and earn rewards

Collaboration is the future. What if donating and sharing made you an active participant in the change you want to see in this world?

Gaia Points creates new incentives and rewards for anyone who wants to become an agent of change. Use your points to enter raffles, earn swag, and more!

Link here ->
web2 + web3

Donate in
cash or crypto

Give like it’s 2023 - be it through Paypal, Visa, or Metamask. We currently accept all ETH, Polygon, and BNB chain tokens.

Don’t know what that means? Don’t worry - we also accept debit, credit, and ACH.

How it works ->
users = owners

A platform owned by its community

The products and services that will define web3 — and the next generation of the internet — are those that transform users into owners. We call this the ownership economy, and Gaia Gives is committed to being part of it.

We start with a centralised team to make fast product decisions and once it matures, Gaia Gives will become a digital public good - owned by its builders and users.

Our roadmap ->

New projects launching weekly!

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